• Color: Black/Orange
    All colors do vary somewhat from the picture shown
  • Coverstock: HK22 – Aggression Solid Reactive
  • Core: Gas Mask (16-14)
  • Finish: 500, 1000, 2000 Siaair Micro Pad
  • Reaction: Aggressive backend
  • Recommended Lane Condition: Medium to heavy oil
  • Hook Potential: High
  • RG: 2.50 (15# ball)
  • Differential: 0.058 (15# ball)
  • Length: Middle
  • FCC Rating: Total-27.5, Finish-8.75, Core-8.75, Cover-10
  • Manufacturer’s Warranty: Two years from purchase date
  • A few tiny pit holes in the cover stock of the ball are normal
  • SKU: HAM60108089
  • Product ID: 14911
  • Brand: Hammer
  • Category: Bowling Balls
  • Ball Performance: Upper Mid-Performance Balls
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Elevating an already exceptional lineage is a formidable task, yet they’ve achieved it once again with the revolutionary Hammer Black Widow 3.0 bowling ball. Building on the immense success of its predecessors, each Black Widow release has consistently pushed the boundaries of ball reaction, and the Black Widow 3.0 continues this trend of excellence. Designed as a perfect companion to the Widow 2.0 Hybrid, the Black Widow 3.0 boasts enhanced surface and tractions in oil, positioning it as the ideal go-to ball at the beginning of your game. Distinguished by its solid reactive composition, akin to the Black Widow 2.0, the 3.0 version introduces an upgraded cover featuring a solid iteration of HK22, maintaining the same out-of-the-box surface as its predecessor. The incorporation of HK22 provides the Black Widow 3.0 with a distinct advantage on medium to oily lanes, ensuring superior performance. Hammer enthusiasts will be thrilled to discover that the ball retains the iconic black and orange colors synonymous with the traditional Hammer aesthetic. Prepare for a bowling experience like never before with the unparalleled capabilities of the Hammer Black Widow 3.0.


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